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Rock, Paper, ScissARs

Curtis Rodgers
iOS application


An augmented reality roshambo game for iOS. Experience the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors like never before.

Now on the iOS app store.

Please see the product page for more information.

Key Features

  • Play versus the computer in a best of 1/3/5/7 series.
  • Use your phone’s camera to detect the hand formation you will choose to play.
  • Analyze what hand formation you seem to prefer to make yourself nearly unbeatable down the line by leveraging in-depth statistics.

Technologies Used

How to Play

Simply show your hand to your devices camera and it will detect your current hand formation. After beginning a game, just display your hand position to the camera on your device and tap the overlay icon when ready to ‘shoot’.

  • Rock: Beats scissors. Loses to paper.
  • Paper: Beats rock. Loses to scissors.
  • Scissors: Beats paper. Loses to rock.

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